"...unto the uttermost part of the earth."  -Acts 1:8

The Childers Family to Italy

While on deputation 7 years ago, this is one of the questions we were asked the most by non-Christian people....why Italy?! The Italians have their Catholic churches, their saints, their religious relics, their priests.Why, they even have the Pope! Italy is, after all, a Christian nation with 96% of the people professing to be Catholic. So, why Italy?

When my husband, Paul, was 12 years old, God burdened his heart for the people of Italy. He had never met  a missionary from Italy. He had never seen a presentation about the Gospel being shared there. He did know that salvation is by grace, through faith in Christ alone and not by works. If the Catholic church encourages a works-based salvation, then 96% of the Italians are lost. So, why NOT Italy?

Paul and I were married in the summer of 2003. Our first son, David, was born the following year, a month before we started deputation. Emma joined us the following year and then the four of us were on our way to Deruta, Italy to work with veteran missionaries Frank and Sherry DiBagno. Paul began his 2-year language course at the university and we welcomed Evalyn into our family in May 2007.

Upon finishing language school, we returned to the States for a short furlough and, yes, another child, Elizabeth, was born in November 2008. In April 2009, we moved our family to Grosseto, Italy to join efforts with the Frank Maietta family at Chiesa Biblica Battista. The church was started one year prior to our arrival and the Lord has truly blessed our growing church family! My own ever-growing family was thrilled to meet our fifth child, Lilly Ann, in October of 2009.

Four girls and a boy...they have brought so much
joy to our lives....as well as lots of opportunities
to share the Gospel with those around us. In a
country that averages 1.2 children per family, we
really tend to draw attention! Our children are
witnessing to others through their actions and
behavior (as the language is still a barrier) and
have seen some very positive effects on people.

Paul and Kelly Childers
David, Emma, Evalyn, Elizabeth, Lilly

Please pray for the Childers'family as they serve God in Italy.
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