"...unto the uttermost part of the earth."  -Acts 1:8

The Johnson Family to China

We believe that God has given us an amazing opportunity to reach the country of China with the Gospel. We do not want to just give everyone a chance to hear the Gospel, but that there would be a Gospel-preaching, open, and bold church within reach of every Chinese person. We believe that the only way that this can be accomplished is through the training of Chinese men to go and start more churches.
Sino Project exists to glorify God through fulfilling the Great Commission in the country of China. The Great Commission is our philosophy of ministry that involves three main parts.
“Go…. and teach all nations” – Jesus told the disciples to go and teach all nations. The word teach used here is the word from which we get our word evangelize. In other words, the Great Commission begins by us preaching the Gospel. There are many problems in China but ultimately the problem is all the same: sin. The solution for that sin is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
“Baptize…” – the second command in the Great Commission is to baptize. Baptism is for those who believe the Gospel; it is the first step of obedience in the Christian faith. The command of baptism here is not just to baptize but gives the idea that we are to start churches. Our goal is to preach the Gospel and when God saves men and women that we would baptize them and have them join a local church.
“Teach them all things whatsoever I have command you” – the third and final part of the command is to once again teach but it means, “to cause to learn.” Our plan is to not only preach the Gospel and see souls saved but to train them in the faith. This is most simply put in the word discipleship. We want to train men to become pastors and leaders in our churches. The church is added to through preaching the Gospel and people being saved but it is only multiplied through discipleship.
The only way we will be able to reach China
with the Gospel in this generation is
through the means that Christ practiced
and prescribed through His ministry. He is
our perfect example for not only our
personal walks but our ministry.

Ben and Crystal Johnson
​Evie, Maddox

Please pray for the Johnson family as they serve God in China.
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