Pastor & Deacons

(with wife Pat)

Danny Sykes


"The glory of God is the most important thing in the Christian’s life. It is evident by what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 10:31, “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” It is our desire to bring glory
and honor to God by our lives. If any good has been done, He deserves all the glory. The history of Oak Glen Baptist Church is filled with things
that have brought glory to God. We hope and believe there will be many other things done to bring glory and honor to His name."

Because of Calvary,
Pastor Danny Sykes
(with wife Janet)

Tom Blevins


Janet and I are so glad to have heard the Gospel - Jesus' death, burial, and ressurection, almost 50 years ago, and came to know the Lord Jesus through His saving grace. We want to give our Heavenly Father all Glory, Honor, and Praise for how He has worked in our lives!

(with wife Judy)

Benny Cook


I have been very blessed and honored to be a member of Oak Glen Baptist Church since 1999.  I came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ under the preaching of Pastor Danny Sykes.  I am just a sinner saved by grace.  The least worthy, but by far the most blessed.

I was honored to be ordained a deacon on February 24, 2019.  I want my life to be an example of the love of Jesus Christ and to share the gospel wherever I go.

(with wife Debbie)

David Gardner


(with wife Tammy)

Tom Jessee


(with wife Barbara)

Bill Lane


I was raised in a Christian home.  I married my wife, Barbara on August 16, 1974 and I was saved on November 17, 1977.  We have one daughter, April, who married Chris Williams and they have four children.
We both served in our previous church for thirty-four years in many various positions.
 We started attending Oak Glen in 2012 and joined on October 12, 2014. I started helping teach the Men’s Sunday School Class when needed and became co-teacher in 2018.  I became a Deacon in February 2019.
(with wife Kathy)

Rusty Livesay


I was born to Christian parents who faithfully took me to church. The summer I turned 9 years old, my siblings and I were taken to a Vacation Bible School at a nearby church.  God spoke to my heart there for the first time. I came to Christ that day, but Satan tried to defeat me because it wasn’t in our home church. Eventually, the pastor of the nearby church visited and told my parents of my salvation.

As the years went by, I stayed in church, but was not baptized. In my late teens, I drifted from God and church after getting a job and running with some unsaved people. God got my attention through an auto accident, and no one had to tell me how that I had strayed and could have been called home early. God had given me another chance, but I also needed help. I sincerely pled for God’s forgiveness and His help.

God sent that help through a cousin who asked me to play guitar with his Gospel singing group for a recording session. I soon began to travel with them, and through that God removed all the trappings of my disobedient life. I was baptized in 1983 and met my future wife in the church we attended at the time. We married in 1984.

I began to grow stronger in my walk with the Lord. I soon began to feel the call to teach and offered to help out a Sunday School teacher who worked shift work on the Sundays he worked. We went through a few church moves in those years that weren’t pleasant. But God was testing and training us, eventually leading us to Oak Glen in January of 1991. My call to teach was still evident and I began teaching a college and career class that eventually led to me teaching the adult men’s class.

In 1995, I was ordained as a Deacon. Because of shift work, I have not always been faithful. But God HAS been faithful!!!